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BLACKROLL Red Bull X-Alps Twin

BLACKROLL Red Bull X-Alps Twin

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BLACKROLL Red Bull X-Alps Twin is the foam roller for X-Alps athletes & fans. Red Bull X-Alps is considered the toughest paragliding competition in the world.

Red Bull X-Alps is considered the toughest paragliding competition in the world. Participants from all over the world come to Austria every year to put their bodies and minds to the test. Starting in Salzburg, they set off across the Alps on foot and paraglider only, tackling more than 1000 km of treacherous alpine terrain. The race, which ends in Zell am See, demands a maximum of physical strength. Recovery must not be neglected!  

But recovery is not only important for the Red Bull athletes, but for all of us. It doesn't matter whether you are an amateur athlete, have one-sided exercise in your everyday life or simply want to do something good for yourself: The BLACKROLL® TWIN is the ideal tool for whole-body recovery to loosen muscles and promote recovery. As the official recovery partner of the Red Bull X-Alps 2021, we are pleased to present the TWIN in the Red Bull X-Alps Edition: 


The TWIN combines the features of our top sellers in one product  

The BLACKROLL® TWIN combines our classic, the BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller, and the DUOBALL 12 fascia ball. Due to the recess in the middle, the TWIN is particularly suitable as a back roller, as the spine is left out when rolling. Compared to our DUOBALL, however, the contact surface on the left and right is wider. The fascia massage on the left and right of the spine is therefore more extensive and less puntucal. In addition, the twisting of the material in the centre bar of the TWIN stimulates the skin and tissue, especially when used on the legs and arms. 


Fascia massage with vibration - ISPO Award Gold Winner   

Like all 30 cm long fascia rollers from BLACKROLL®, the BLACKROLL® TWIN can also be combined with the BOOSTER vibration core. Through the combination of massage and vibration, tensions can be loosened even more intensively and a deep-acting recovery can be achieved. The TWIN will soon be available in a set with the BOOSTER vibration core.  

In the category "Fitness & Team Sports" this set was awarded Gold Winner by the ISPO Award Jury. 

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  • Perfect roll with cut-out for the spine. 
  • Two-dimensional and punctual self-massage with stimulation of the skin. 
  • Ideal for treating the spine, calves and parallel muscle strands. 
  • Stimulation & increased blood flow to the tissue due to twisting in the centre. 
  • Stylish carbon look. Medium hardness. 
  • Recyclable and durable material with high quality surface. 
  • Can be combined with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER for self-massage with vibration. 

What is included

1x Red Bull X-Alps Twin


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