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Mistakes to Avoid

3 big mistakes to avoid when building your own gym!

If you are in the process of creating a new gym, you already know the endless effort and dedication needed to be put into every task. The following 3 mistakes are the most common ones done by new gym owners as in the rush of executing and deciding might lead to mistakes. Read the article with caution as avoiding them will save you lots of time and money and help you built your great new studio!

3 mistakes to avoid

1. Quality of equipment!

Quality matters. The most common mistake made by soon-to-be gym owners is selecting equipment with poor quality. Imagine your dream gym working full capacity for a 2 year period. The “high quality equipment” gym will still be top-notch, having little-to-zero maintenance fees and satisfied customers who will recommend you to friends and family. On the other hand the “poor quality equipment” will have to replace most of the items, having his clients complaining about the gym, recommending nothing to no-one, spreading negative word of mouth for the gym. Eventually, down the road, the “poor quality equipment” gym will go with the decision he should have taken in the first place.

2. Flooring is the most important!

There are a ton of examples of spaces with slippery flooring, with non-shock absorbing flooring, spongy flooring, smelly floorimg or with flooring that moves while jumping or sprinting. These gyms have not taken flooring seriously when they where planning their facility in the first place. Flooring is part of the workout, part of safety, part of an aesthetically and functionally great gym. The most important equipment a gym has to get is the flooring as if glued down it is hard to replace. In addition to that there are solutions that will allow you to take flooring with you when you decide to move to a different location in the future. All great gyms with great quality of equipment that offer great workouts have also great flooring.

3. Start small and grow big!

There is no identification of a small or big budget. For some people 5k is a big budget but for others 200k is small. Different people with different resources perceive money differently. What is critical though is to use whatever budget is set effectively. And what does effectively mean? It means to buy great products. Products that are unique and beautiful in design. Great in quality that will last for years to come. Provided by a trusted supplier that will be by your side down the road. Yes you will have to get less items because the price will be higher but here we aim for quality over quantity. Some new gyms with “small” budget often fall to the trap of buying a lot of cheap equipment to outfit the facility in order to stay in budget. The key to success is to start small and grow big and this has to be done with great equipment if you want a great gym.

If you are in the process of creating your new facility please have in mind that planning is a key element to success. Take out your notepad and start drafting our the tasks one by one. If you need help to bring your project to life, contact us anytime!

Fill out the DESIGN FORM below and someone from our team will get back to you for a free needs analysis! If you already planned everything and you just need a quote for the products, fill out the EQUIPMENT QUOTE and we’ll send you a proposal soon!

We are incredibly dedicated to what we do. We live and breathe Functional Training and we handle every new facility like it’s ours! We have transformed a lot of empty places to the best functional Training studios ever imagined! We take care of everything, from flooring, to design, to the equipment. Basically you call us and we transform your idea to the best club you’ve ever imagined!

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