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We are extremely honored and proud to be the official partners of the Cyprus National Football Team!


As a company, we are based in the small island of Cyprus and the biggest value for us is to support the country we were raised. We will always be thankful for all the great things that our country has offered us and we are proud to say that we are born, raised and breath Cyprus. As a country we have suffered a lot. A small, divided island, overcoming obstacles one by one, yet fighting and winning battles every single day, being remarkable in everything we do. We are proud to be Cypriots and we believe that it is our duty to give a little bit back to our country, with every way we can. Our way is simple. We want to provide the Cypriot Sports Community with absolutely the best equipment the Functional Training, Fascia Training and Sports Performance industry has to offer and what the world champions and biggest athletes in the industry are using for their performance. It's time for us to give a little bit back to the land that has birthed and raised us!


We care about the performance of our National Team and we make sure that our best players work their activation, mobility, strength training and recovery at the highest level possible. The BLACKROLL® product range consists of myofascial tools, recovery, activation and performance optimization tools, used by world class athletes around the globe! It is our duty to make sure that the Cyprus National Football Team uses nothing but the best.


Check out the picture gallery below to see how the Cyprus National Football Team works on their recovery, activation, mobility and performance optimization:

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We wish all the best to the Cyprus National Football Team and to have lots of success in every single game. We wish our team to grow someday to one of the best Football countries around the globe. We believe that with dedication and hard work, we can make the global Football community respect us a competent opponent! As for the equipment, we are committed to provide the Cyprus Sports Community with the tools to grow and develop, taking their performance to the highest level. We are proud to be born, live and breathe Cyprus!