Fitness product awards are a way of comparing the top competitors in the fitness industry. We aim to bring the most innovative and best quality gym products, so that your gym or client is always first-class. Recognition is important to us, as a result we made a list of a few of the fitness product awards our gym equipment have won.

Here are some of the awards that your favorite fitness products have won :

–  2021, LEBERT EQUALIZER® wins the best bodyweight training tool award on MEN’S HEALTH HOME GYM AWARDS 2021.

2020, PIS FITNESS wins the the first place with the Fitness Accessory of the Year 2020 gold award in Cyprus for BLACKROLL

–  2020, BLACKROLL Recovery Pillow® wins the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 for excellent product design in 2 categories: Sports, Outdoor, Activities & Leisure AND Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care

–  2020, BLACKROLL Twin® wins the ISPO Gold Winner Award: Fascia Roller for a More Intense Massage

–  2019, BLACKROLL Recovery Pillow® wins the ISPO Munich Award HEALTH & FITNESS, Medical & Physio

–  2018, EXXENTRIC KBOX® is nominated for the FIBO INNOVATION AWARD 2018

–  2018, BLACKROLL® wins The body life award in category “Stretching and mobilization concepts”.

–  2016, REVVLL PRO® wins the FIBO INNOVATION AWARD 2016

–  2016, BLACKROLL® is the START award runner-up. Startnetwork and the IHK Thurgau, Switzerland, awards the start-up entrepreneurial prize “START award”.

–  2015, HYDROVEST® is the winner for the SPORTINNOVATOR AWARD 2015

–  2014, BLACKROLL® products have been awarded the AGR cachet. Certified and recommended by the Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschule e.V. (Federal Association of German Back Schools) and the Forum Gesunder Rücken – besser leben e.V. (German Forum Healty Back – Better Living).

–  2014, REVVLL ONE® is nominated for the FIBO INNOVATION AWARD 2014

–  2009, BLACKROLL® was awarded the prestigious Physio prize for the “product with the greatest range of benefits for its users”.