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How to get started

5 tips to be organised when in the process of the new gym!

Creating your gym can be really challenging. The list of tasks is endless (location selection, identify a budget, renovation, equipment selection, identify pricing etc.) and the fact that the tasks have to be performed in a specific period before the opening deadline with little to no business knowledge can have an impact on creating a successful new business. Read below for 5 tips to help you stay organized while in the process.

5 tips for better task management

1. Get everything together

Take an empty piece of paper. Make a list of all the tasks needed. Think of the whole process from day 0 till the opening day. Visualize, think and just take notes of all the tasks that pop up in your mind.

2. Create a to-do list

Use an app for that. Add all the tasks found on step 1 and divide them into the following 4 categories: (A)Time-consuming Tasks, (B) Urgent & important, (C) Essentials that can be done anytime, (D) Miscellaneous.

3. Create a Timeline

For every task you have, you need to note their dates on a calendar in order to have a weekly plan. Make sure you have a good timeline that makes your opening date realistic.

4. Cooperate with Specialists

Notify experts about your vision, timeline and tasks. Inform them about the deadlines you have put for each task. You need to assign responsibilities to the right people. For example PIS Fitness can take care of flooring, gym equipment, mirrors, locker rooms and education of the personnel. Hire specialists to get the job done effectively and with precision.

5. Follow your instinct

Some people/companies give you a more trustworthy feeling than others. Some products amaze you (wow factor) and others don’t. Trust your gut and find companies/people you can rely on and build a good relationship to work towards a common goal, to build the gym of your dreams.

If you are in the process of creating your new facility please have in mind that planning is a key element to success. Take out your notepad and start drafting our the tasks one by one. If you need help to bring your project to life, contact us anytime!

Fill out the DESIGN FORM below and someone from our team will get back to you for a free needs analysis! If you already planned everything and you just need a quote for the products, fill out the EQUIPMENT QUOTE and we’ll send you a proposal soon!

We are incredibly dedicated to what we do. We live and breathe Functional Training and we handle every new facility like it’s ours! We have transformed a lot of empty places to the best functional Training studios ever imagined! We take care of everything, from flooring, to design, to the equipment. Basically you call us and we transform your idea to the best club you’ve ever imagined!

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How to get started!

5 Tips to be organized when in the process of the new gym!

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