Athlete Ambassador Program

Athlete Ambassador Program is created to help Cypriot athletes engaged in national or international competitions to enhance their performance. The program seeks to optimize their training and recovery by offering fully or partially sponsored products, ensuring that Cypriots have access to the necessary resources for peak athletic performance. 🇨🇾🏅


    This program is for athletes who excel in a sport at a professional level and meet the following criteria:

    • Cypriot nationality and/or part of Cyprus National Team
    • Compete at a national or international level in individual or team sports


    World-renowed training and recovery products used in the top level in sports.

    • Free/sponsored products on specific periods (ex. in pre-season or for specific campaigns)
    • Discounted products all year round with early access to pre-launch/new products
  • Sign up

    Fill in the form to get you on board. If you are eligible for the Athlete Ambassador Program you will be up and running within 24h of submitting your request.

  • Get your equipment

    You will be given access to the Athlete Ambassador Product page which includes free and/or discounted items. Free items are only available for specific periods.

  • Start training

    Add equipment to your training sessions with the advice of your trainer. Every product is superior in terms of quality and used by teams and athletes in top sports around the world.

  • Post on social

    Add posts and stories to your favourite social media platform. Tag @pisfitness to repost and share. The more you post, the most you positively influence younger generation to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PIS Fitness ambassador?

An ambassador is an athlete who competes on a professional level in a sport and has to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Cypriot citizenship
  2. Compete on a national or international level

What PIS Fitness ambassadors do?

Ambassadors receive free or discounted products to optimize their perfdrmance. Ambassadors commit to also post on their social media accounts.

What are the benefits of being a PIS Fitness ambassador?

Athlete ambassadors receive products that will aid in maximizing their performance. These products will sometimes be free of charge or a discount will be applied.

Is it mandatory to post on social media?

For some products there might be a requirement to post on social media. Mostly on free products, a commitment to post and share on social media might be mandatory. Social media posts help to spread the word on some products which allows us to give more sponsored products in the future and help more athletes train with top-notch equipment.

Can a PIS Fitness ambassador also be an affiliate?

Ambassadors and affiliates are 2 different things. Affiliates earn commissions based on the sales that have been generated from their traffic. If you want, you can also join as an affiliate!

How can i get started?

Fill out the Athlete Ambassador Form Form and you will receive an email with the next steps!

Athlete Ambassador Program