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A Great Location

A checklist with tips on how to select a great location!

What exactly is a Great Location for your gym? For every Gym, Physiotherapy center and workout facility, the location is of extreme importance, it is the place where effective workouts will happen. Below we have a list of things to consider before deciding your location. Does your location tick all the boxes?

10 tips to select the ideal a location

1. Accessibility

The location must be easily accessible for your target audience. Select a location close to your network or potential clients.

2. Right size

You need an optimal surface area for the type of gym you have in mind. Every single centimeter should be able to be exploited for equipment or just bodyweight exercises.

3. Identify competition.

It is wise to investigate the area around your location. Identify your competitors and discover different types of opportunities and threats.

4. Be able to get a licence

It is extremely important to have the ability to gain licenses from the governing body, to work legally.

5. Parking

The new facility must have available parking for clients. Ease and safety are key characteristics for accessing a facility.

6. Ceiling height

Having a specific area with high ceiling might be essential in case you need a spot for wall balls throws, climbing ropes and in general workouts that need high ceilings.

7. Area sectioning

It is important for the new facility to be able to have designated areas for weightlifting, functional training, cardio etc. Make sure your location has the ability to section the areas effectively.

8. Renovation costs

Renovations can be expensive so make sure that the renovation costs needed for the new facility will be kept within budget. Also make sure to keep an effective budget for flooring and equipment.

9. Ability to grow

At some point your clientele will expand. While having a popular gym is really good for business, you must also need to accomodate every paying customer for their workouts.

10. Rental cost

Make sure that the rental cost will allow you to cover expenses and generate profit. Have in mind that this is where you need to find a balance with all the above tips.

If you are in the process of creating your new facility please have in mind that planning is a key element to success. Take out your notepad and start drafting our the tasks one by one. If you need help to bring your project to life, contact us anytime!

Fill out the DESIGN FORM below and someone from our team will get back to you for a free needs analysis! If you already planned everything and you just need a quote for the products, fill out the EQUIPMENT QUOTE and we’ll send you a proposal soon!

We are incredibly dedicated to what we do. We live and breathe Functional Training and we handle every new facility like it’s ours! We have transformed a lot of empty places to the best functional Training studios ever imagined! We take care of everything, from flooring, to design, to the equipment. Basically you call us and we transform your idea to the best club you’ve ever imagined!

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