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Wall Mounted Digital Timer

Wall Mounted Digital Timer

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The Digital Timer provides a versatile array of functions, featuring large illuminated numbers for effortless time tracking during rigorous workouts. Customize intervals and conveniently store them in the memory for future use. Whether utilized as a stopwatch, timer, countdown timer, or a regular clock, this device caters to various timing needs. Notably precise, it reads up to the millisecond, offering accuracy in every session. With its unique characteristics, this Digital Timer combines functionality with a compact design, enhancing your fitness experience.
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Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 64cm (width) x 16cm (height) x 5cm (depth)

Product information

  • Reads up to the millisecond.
  • Countdown and timer up to 99 minutes 59 seconds and 99 milliseconds

What is included

Package includes:

1x Wall Mounted Digital Timer

1x Remote control


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