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VersaClimber TSA

VersaClimber TSA

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The recently introduced tablet-based console on the TS VersaClimber caters to users who crave technology while delivering one of the most efficient total body cardio workouts on the market. The interactive touch screen display enables users to track and store their workout data, including metrics such as feet per minute, stroke length, and strokes per minute. It also provides information on total workout sessions, feet climbed, and average feet per minute. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to compete for rankings on leaderboards and share their accomplishments on social media platforms, fostering a sense of community and achievement. 
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Dimensions / Weight

Height: 239cm

Product information

  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick user interaction: Just step up, press Quick Start, and climb!

What is included

1x VersaClimber


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