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VersaClimber SM-M

VersaClimber SM-M

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The SM-M VersaClimber integrates magnetic resistance to ensure a remarkably smooth and fluid motion during workouts. This is achieved through its implementation of an eddy current brake system, which generates resistance without any friction. The SM-M model caters to a wide range of users by offering 11 easily adjustable resistance levels. The SM-M VersaClimber is a versatile cardio machine that offers a comprehensive workout for both the upper and lower body. It allows you to engage in various activities such as stepping, walking, jogging, sprinting, or climbing vertically against gravity, all while maintaining a smooth and rhythmic motion that involves the entire body. Importantly, this workout is non-impact, meaning it minimizes stress on the joints. Scientific evidence confirms that the SM-M VersaClimber is highly effective in burning a significant number of calories within a short period, making it a time-efficient choice for calorie burning.
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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Base: 109xm x 117cm

Height: 239cm

Weight: 68kg

Product information

  • Power: 220 V
  • Easy maintenance

What is included

1x VersaClimber


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