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VersaClimber H/ HP

VersaClimber H/ HP

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The H / HP VersaClimber is a vertical cardiovascular machine that offers a comprehensive workout for both the upper and lower body. Whether you prefer stepping, walking, jogging, sprinting, or climbing vertically against gravity, this machine provides a seamless and effective rhythmic motion without causing any impact on your joints. It has been scientifically demonstrated to be the most efficient calorie-burning equipment, allowing you to achieve maximum results in minimal time. 

VersaClimbing offers an exceptionally effective method for burning fat and calories. This is due to its distinctive advantage over other exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, and spin bikes. Unlike these machines that focus on specific areas of the body, a VersaClimber provides a genuine total body workout by actively involving all major muscle groups, including the arms, shoulders, back, glutes, quads, and calves.

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Dimensions / Weight

Height: 2.35 m

Product information

1. Aluminum Frame: Our VersaClimber H series features a lightweight and durable aluminum frame for easy positioning and durability.
2. Convenient FedEx Shipping: Enjoy hassle-free delivery directly to your doorstep via FedEx, eliminating the need for specialized freight shipping arrangements.
3. Built-in Tablet for On-Demand Fitness Classes: Access over 400 on-demand fitness classes with the integrated tablet, offering versatile workout options from the comfort of home.

What is included

1x VersaClimber


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