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VersaClimber Accessories

VersaClimber Accessories

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Quick Release Running Handles

These running handles, known as "swivel" handles, enable your hands and wrists to adopt a more ergonomic position while using the VersaClimber for workouts. They are also suitable for various other training exercises that target the arms, shoulders, back, and chest. 


Floor Mat

Utilize these resilient vinyl floor mats to safeguard different types of surfaces such as carpet, wood, and tile floors against water damage, scratches, and scuffs. The vinyl floor mat, featuring an embossed VersaClimber logo, is an excellent choice for preserving the quality of your wood, tile, or cement floors.


Arm Extenders

Enhance your VersaClimber workout with enhanced reach, stretching, and flexibility. The Arm Extenders are specifically designed for individuals who are between 6'3" and 6'8" tall, providing an ideal solution. Even with the arm extenders attached, the VersaClimber can still be accommodated under a standard 8-foot high ceiling. Attaching each extender bar to the VersaClimber is a simple process, as it only requires the use of two included bolts.


Quick Release Straight Handles

Effortlessly customize your VersaClimber workout by swiftly selecting the desired hand/arm height position. Simply press the quick release button, slide out the hand grip, and smoothly relocate it to a higher or lower position. This allows for easy adjustments and ensures a personalized workout experience.



Adjustable Seat

Experience a non-weight bearing exercise option that enhances the versatility of your VersaClimber. With this option, you can enjoy a seated workout where you have the choice to pedal like a bike or engage both your arms and legs for a more relaxed and comfortable exercise session. Please note that the adjustable seat is compatible with LX and SM series models only. However, it's important to ensure that the SM or SMA model includes the seat mount "bracket" before purchasing the adjustable seat, as this is an upgrade option. 


Gorilla Handles

Enhance your VersaClimber workout by incorporating these oversized Gorilla Grip Handles, offering increased grip versatility. These handles are specifically designed with a thicker diameter to provide an oversized gripping experience while climbing, resulting in greater muscle activation in the forearms, shoulders, and back. Compatible with LX, SM, TS, and SRM models, these handles are perfect for individuals engaged in grappling sports, such as BJJ and MMA, as well as rock climbers and more. Available in black color, these grips offer numerous benefits, including increased thumb, finger, hand, forearm, and grip strength, enhanced wrist stability in all planes of motion, improved muscle stimulation, and heightened arm pump.

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