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Swing Board

Swing Board

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Free weights are a cornerstone in functional training. NOHrD offers a modern reiteration of the Kettlebell, with solid wood handles, hand stitched genuine leather, and iron pellets as weight. Simulating natural, everyday movements, in combination with the slightly unstable, shifting weight of the iron pellets, you get a true full-body functional workout, stimulating all muscles, joints and connective tissues. They come as sets of 8 with the SwingBell Tower for more elegant and space saving storage. The tower has a tablet/smartphone slot so you can watch your favorite workout tutorials with ease.

Made in Germany with solid wood, genuine leather with high-end quality.


Free weights made of solid wood and hand-stitched, genuine leather

Swinging movements are part of our daily routine- highly effective and, therefore, a natural component of our repertoire of moves. When our resilience (ability to withstand stress) is down, pain simply hinders our momentum. Prevent this by incorporating SwingBell exercise into your workout: muscles, joints and connective tissue (fascia) will become more flexible, supple and resilient.

NOHrD SwingBells are a modern variation of Kettlebells, known from CrossFit workouts. Original Kettlebells are solid, cannonball-shaped and with a simple grip. The SwingBell shifts its center of gravity, due to its iron pellet filling, extending the exercise motion beyond your arm. The result is targeted stimulation of your connective tissue (fascia), joints and muscles, increasing overall performance and resilience.

Hand-stitched Genuine Leather

All NOHrD SwingBells are made of high-quality genuine leather and hand-stitched. An integrated metal splint guarantees the pouch’s necessary stability.

Solid Wood Grip

The SwingBell grips are made of solid, oiled wood, ensuring a comfortable hold in your hand.

Iron Pellet Filling

The SwingBell gets its weight through its precisely weighed iron granule filling. The small pellets move along with each motion.

Space-efficient Storage

Whether hung on the free-standing SwingTower or on your wall with the SwingBoard, NOHrD SwingBells can be stored with minimal space requirements.

Various Solid Wood

SwingBell handles are manufactured in ash, oak, cherry and walnut wood.






The SwingBell towers are manufactured in solid wood and can store a complete set of 8 SwingBells. The top of the tower features a tablet/smartphone holder, for easy exercise video tutorials or our exercise manual

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

  • Dimensions: 157 x 22 x 8,6 cm
  • Weight: 44 kg

Product information

  • All SwingBells are filled with iron granules, providing slight imbalance - and therefore extra challenge and stimulation- to each move, as the pellets shift in the leather pouch.
  • Manufactured in our company factory in Germany
  • Variety in woods and colors


What is included

1x Swing Board

8x SwingBells


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