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Cable stations are a classic when it comes to gym equipment. Due to their versatility they have become a staple in every gym and physiotherapy center. The NOHrD Slimbean takes the cable machine to another level with its stylish, sharp design and slim body, requiring minimal space for an optimal workout. Thanks to the height adjustable “butterfly” pulley, you can swivel and utilize the double cable as you want for a full body workout hitting your muscles from different angles. 


    Elegant Multi-Use Cable Machine

    Maximal Workout, Minimal Space Requirement

    Cable stations are versatile and multi-functional exercise machines. It’s no mystery as to why they remain a classic in exercise equipment. Fitness studios, as well as physiotherapy centers have been relying on cable exercise for years.

    The NOHrD SlimBeam cuts a fine figure in home fitness, as well, combining a stylish, sharp design with a sleek body. Thanks to its slender silhouette, curved shape and high-quality wood, the SlimBeam delivers a professional cable exercise station for every kind of functional training.

    The butterfly - exercise on both sides

    The SlimBeam’s biggest advantage is the butterfly, enabling you to work your body both on one or both sides. It can be swiveled and set at any height. The cables are synthetically coated and run fluidly over the ball bearing wheels, providing an optimal training effect.

    Rubberized weight plates - silent effect

    Standard SlimBeam models feature 14 weight plates at 5kg, plus the base weight of (further) 5kg. Each oval-shape weight plate is individually rubberized with a black matt finish, fitting perfectly into the wood body encasement.


    Measuring 215cm high and 40cm wide, the cable machine fits perfectly into all interiors. The SlimBeam is fixed at 10cm from your wall and protrudes a mere 20cm total into the room. Its base measures less than ¼ square meter.

    A wide range of models to suit your taste

    SlimBeam cable machines come in a variety of materials and colors.






    Stainless Steel








    Interactive Exercise App

    Available for free in Google PlayStore.

    In addition to the SlimBeam exercise manual, the interactive exercise app offers many more functions: Simply attach the SlimBeam tablet holder and connect the USB plug: the pre-set weight, repetitions and range of motion are automatically recognized and displayed clearly. Each exercise is demonstrated in detail by video clip.

    Currently only available for Android.

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    Usefull information

    Dimensions / Weight

    • Dimensions: 215(H) x 40(W) x 20(D) cm
    • Base plate diameter: 40 cm
    • 14 plates of 5kg each, plus the base weight of another 5kg. (Total 75kg of load).

    Product information

    • Individually rubberized weight plates for a more silent workout.
    • Space-saver
    • Made with solid, sustainable, high quality wood.


    What is included

    1x Slim Beam

    14x Plates


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