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Shock Impact Blocks

Shock Impact Blocks

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Our Shock Impact Blocks are designed to transform any space into a weight lifting area. They always come as a pair of 2 and are used to rest or drop  the barbell, in exercises like deadlifts, squats or other olympic lifts, absorbing the impact and keeping your floor safe!

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    Usefull information

    Dimensions / Weight

    Dimensions (cm): 60 x 90 x 15

    Weight (kg): 7

    Product information

    • Weightlifting crash mat
    • Absorb and cushion the fall of barbell and weights by reducing vibrations and noise
    • Material: High density agglomerate
      Finish: Black
    • Equipped with handle for transportation

    What is included

    Package includes:

    2 x Shock Impact Blocks (Pair)


    Please refer to warranty section at the bottom of this page