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Serenity Reformer With Full Cadillac

Serenity Reformer With Full Cadillac

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Serenity Reformer With Full Cadillac features a premium quality frame made of oak wood and a durable aluminium top structure, designed to provide versatile and effective Pilates routines. With spring adjusted resistance, allows you to customize your exercise routine to based on fitness level and session objectives - whether for post-injury or to strengthen the core. The padded mat provides comfort and support during your workout, while the wooden frame adds a touch of elegance to your workout space. Use the Pilates Reformer with Full Cadillac to perform a variety of exercises, such as push-throughs, leg springs, and arm circles, and experience a full-body workout that targets your core, arms, and legs. Perfect for pilates studios, fitness centres or rehabilitation clinics.

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