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Push Up

Push Up

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Simple and efficient tools used for push-ups and floor exercises. They can also be used for upper-limb training on a vibration plate. The Push Up 360o also has the benefit that the handles rotate, relieving the wrist and rotator cuff from extra stress, making your workout more functional.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Kwell Push Up:

  • Length (cm): 24
  • Width (cm): 16
  • Height (cm): 15
  • Handle dimensions (cm): 10

Push Up 360o:

  • Diameter (cm): 20
  • Height (cm): 11
  • Handle dimensions (cm):13

Product information

Kwell Push-up:

  • Pair of arm supports for closed-chain push-ups 
  • Designed to provide greater comfort and stability for upper body workouts
  • strengthen and tone the pectoral and triceps muscles without straining the wrists
  • The soft-touch cellulosic fibre handle provides an excellent hand-grip on movement execution and depth of bend

Push Up 360o:

  • Ergonomic handles,
  • Non-slip, for an even safer hand-grip and workout
  • Gives you the possibility of rotating the handle

What is included

Push-Up Package includes:

2 x Arm Support Bar (Pair)


Push Up 360o Package includes:

2 x Arm Support (Pair)


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