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Powershot Slalom Poles

Powershot Slalom Poles

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Slalom poles are perfect for enhancing speed and agility during training sessions. They can be effectively utilized for speed drills, agility exercises, and quick direction changes. Additionally, these versatile poles can also serve as boundary posts to mark designated areas on the field. Designed with player safety in mind, they feature a protected point to prevent any accidental injuries. Crafted from extra-durable PVC material, these slalom poles are built to withstand rigorous training sessions and prolonged use. There are available set of five poles or in one unit in colours white or yellow. Each pole standing at a height of 172cm, providing ample height for effective training and clear visibility on the field.
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Dimensions / Weight

Height: 172cm

Product information

Material: extra-durable PVC

  • Colour White or Yellow

What is included

1 x Single Slalom Pole - (White or Yellow)

3 x Slalom Poles - ( White or Yellow)


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