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Powershot Rebounder

Powershot Rebounder

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Rebounder is designed to enhance reaction times, refine aim, and increase overall precision, among other benefits. Whether used for football training or tennis, it proves to be highly versatile. With a durable and sturdy frame, along with waterproof paint, it offers protection against various weather conditions. The powerful net has the capability to throw the ball up to 30cm away, adding an extra challenge to your training sessions. The size of the product is 100 x 100 cm, providing a suitable surface area for practice. Additionally, it offers six adjustable positions, allowing you to modify the angle from 40 to 90°, thereby enabling the exploration of different drills and skills while increasing the level of difficulty.

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Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

Product information

  • Six adjustable positions
  • Modify the angle from 40 to 90°
  • Throw the ball up to 30cm away

What is included

1 x Poweshot Rebounder


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