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Powershot Quickfire Goal

Powershot Quickfire Goal

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The described goals are designed for easy assembly and portability, suitable for various settings including gardens, football pitches, and sports halls. They feature rubber pads for stability and floor protection, reinforced fiberglass poles for strength and shock absorption, and practical flexi-post systems for easy setup. The goals come with durable steel construction, weather-resistant nets, and dimensions ranging from 3 x 2 meters to 4 x 1.5 meters. Additionally, some versions include transport bags for convenience.

Quickfire Goal Multisize (M)

This goal is designed to cater to the training needs of clubs with diverse age-category classes and families with growing children, providing adaptability and versatility. It is a single football goal that offers two adjustable heights and two adjustable widths. The height of the goal can be easily changed from 1.8 meters to 2.1 meters, while the width can be adjusted from 3.6 meters to 4.9 meters. This modular goal allows you to mix and match different height and width combinations, providing a fully adjustable setup. What sets this goal apart is that everything needed to adjust the size is already included, eliminating the need for additional parts or modifications.

Quickfire Goal Multisize (S)

This soccer goal offers flexibility with the option to adjust both its height and width. It comes as a complete package, eliminating the need for additional parts or modifications to change its size. The goal can be easily assembled and disassembled within a minute, making it convenient for transportation and storage. It is self-ballasted, ensuring stability without requiring extra weights or supports to keep it in place.

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Dimensions / Weight

Variety of dimensions:

  • Quickfire Goal 6M x 2.1M
  • Quickfire Goal 4M x 1.5M
  • Quickfire Goal 3.6M x 1.8M 
  • Quickfire Goal 3M x 2M 
  • Quickfire Goal 2.4M x 1.2M
  • Quickfire Goal 1.5M x 0.9M






Product information

Available in multible sizes based on your needs

What is included

1x Powershot Quickfire Goal


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