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Powershot PRO Free Kick Mannequin

Powershot PRO Free Kick Mannequin

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Free Kick Mannequin - Unit 

This product is perfect for improving your free kick technique, whether you're training with your team or seeking some personal practice time in the park. It offers an opportunity to test and enhance your skills by challenging yourself against a full-size wall. With this equipment, you can aspire to become a master of set-pieces, showcasing your ability to score from free kicks. Additionally, it serves as a valuable tool for practicing tactical maneuvers, allowing you to refine your strategies on the field. The product's innovative flexi-design, crafted from a combination of steel and flexible PVC, ensures that it provides a forgiving response when struck, particularly at the knees, ensuring safety and comfort.

Spring Protected Pro Mannequin - Set of 3

Perfect for kick practise. Its vibrant yellow color adds a visually appealing touch to your training setup. Featuring an innovative flexi-design, this product is crafted using a combination of steel and flexible PVC materials. Its unique construction allows for flexibility at the knees, providing a cushioning effect when struck.

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Spring Protected Pro Mannequin/ Free Kick Mannequin

Dimensions: 1.82x0.6m

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Colour: Yellow

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Single or Set of 3


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