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Powershot Match Preparation Mannequin

Powershot Match Preparation Mannequin

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Introducing a football dummy designed to be securely planted in the ground. With its sleek and modern design, it features a rigid bar that offers a slight flexibility to absorb shocks upon impact. The dummy can be conveniently covered with football shirts, allowing players to prepare for matches by practicing against a color-specific opponent. These dummies prove invaluable in training scenarios such as phase of play situations, free kick training, and goalkeeper training. They are especially advantageous on windy training pitches where dummies with faceplates may not be suitable. The product includes a set of three dummies and comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation. 

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Dimensions / Weight

Height: 180cm

Product information

Provides a realistic training experience

What is included

Set of 3 Mannequin

Bag included


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