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Powershot Football Tennis

Powershot Football Tennis

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A novel advancement has been introduced to enhance the skill and responsiveness of a head tennis game. This innovation involves a combination of aerial and ground passes, providing players with the opportunity to alternate between the two techniques. It is specifically designed for a fast-paced around-the-world game, where players rotate around the equipment and swiftly respond to passes made over or through the net with either one or two touches. The equipment is constructed using durable and sturdy materials such as high strength powder coated galvanised steel, specifically in a 50mm x 25mm ovoid tube. With a length of 13 feet (4 meters) and a height of 3 feet 6 inches (1.10 meters), it features a self-weighting base for stability. Furthermore, it is conveniently foldable and can be easily transported in a bag.
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Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 4m x 1.1m

Product information

Materials used: strength powder coated galvanised steel

What is included

1 x Football Tennis

1 x Multisport Tennis


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