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Personal Training Bundle

Personal Training Bundle

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Ideal for personal trainers who want a complete solution when it comes to personal training.

Users: 1-4 People
Space required: 10 m2 (1 Person) | 25 m2 (4 People)
Location: Indoor & Outdoor


The package includes:

1 x aeroSling ELITE
1 x Lebert Equalizer (Yellow, Lime or Pink)
1 x Sandbell (5.5 kg)
1 x Sportquip Frequency ladder 4m
1 x Hyperbands Superbands - Medium (Green)
1 x Hyperbands Superbands - Heavy (Blue)
4 x Hyperbands Minibands (Any Level)
1 x Gymboss (Any Color)
1 x BLACKROLL Standard - KEEPITFUNCTIONAL Signature Series

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