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NOHrD Fitness Wall

NOHrD Fitness Wall

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The latest iteration of the NOHrD Wall adheres to our principles of top-notch design quality and technical expertise. It has a modern appearance with a sleek, compact design that allows for full-body workouts, endurance and strength training. You can take advantage of the NOHrD's virtual trainer and daily workouts via the built-in touchscreen to push yourself to the limit. The NOHrD Wall Compact comes with a complete set of hand-stitched leather SwingBells that can be stored directly on the wall. Both of our built-in cable stations can be used for strength training, and our standard 75kg weight stack and new NOHrD-Ski ergometer cable machine with an eddy current brake system and disc resistance setting are guaranteed to make you sweat.

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Available in different colors and woods

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1x Fitness Wall includes:

  • Skierg
  • Cable Machine
  • Swingbells


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