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Mobility Flossing

Mobility Flossing

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Mobility Flossing Flossband by HYPERBANDS


Based on the latest findings on Blood Flow Restriction training, flossing is the ideal way to increase mobility and range of motion. The floss band is tightly wrapped (in most cases 50% stretch) on extremities and joints while performing low-load or no-load movements like flexion, extension, adduction, abduction and tri-planar movements. By creating partial interruption on venus overflow, we create a positive change within tissues & joints through compression, tension and movement.


Mobility Flossing Effects

Band resticts soft tissue during passive or active ROM exercises (low-load or no-load movements), contributing to fascial glide that causes lymphatic system drainage by also influencing the positioning of the joint, resulting to increased mobility, flexibility and movement effectiveness.

  • Blood Flow Restriction training
  • Used on extremities and joints
  • Soft tissue intervention contributing to fascial glide while performing no-load or low-load movements
  • Resulting in increased mobility and flexibility


Mobility Flossing Flossband is available in three different sizes and five different colors: Black, Red, Green, Pink and Orange 

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