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Mat Racks

Mat Racks

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A great storage solution for mats, our adjustable hanger horns can help you store your mats easily by hanging them from the wall.

Mat Rack is a practical self-supporting rack designed to store mats of various sizes neatly and upright. Compatible with and suitable for all Kwell Mats with holes and metal eyelets.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight


  • Distance between mat holes from 36cm (min.) to 53cm (max.)
  • Depth (horn length): 25cm

Mat Rack:

  • Length (cm): 74
  • Depth (cm): 67
  • Height (cm): 167
  • Centre distance (cm): min 20, max 60

Product information

Adjustable and self-supporting

Ideal for storage various sizes of mats

What is included

1x Mat Rack OR 1x Horns for mats


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