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Lebert Equalizer XXL Frank Medrano Signature Series

Lebert Equalizer XXL Frank Medrano Signature Series

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The Lebert Equalizer XXL Frank Medrano Signature Series is a versatile and effective training package (and the tallest and widest too), with over 100 bodyweight strength exercises, from beginner to advanced. Ideal for full body workouts, this extra, extra tall EQ is great for people 1.85m and taller. This high-quality functional fitness tool is perfect for full body bodyweight exercises such as dips, push and pull ups, L-sits, knee and leg raises, stretches and more.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 84 cm height and 68.5 cm wide

Weight: 4,5 kg each bar

Product information

  • Made of iron
  • Recommended for people over 1.85m height
  • Wide feet bars to make it stable enough according to height ratio
  • Supports up to 181 kg
  • Durable foam grips
  • Available only in Matte Black

What is included

Package includes:

  • 2 x XXL Equalizer bars


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