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Lebert Equalizer Certification Course

Lebert Equalizer Certification Course

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Lebert Equalizer Certification Course

LeBoot training utilizes the Lebert Equalizers™ and the Buddy System™ and promises to build coordination, strength, power, balance, multi-directional speed and agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning through a special boot camp style workout.

This certification course is designed for all Studio and Personal trainers, Instructors and coaches that would like to learn the most out of two of the best training tools ever, the Lebert Equalizers™ and the Buddy System™. During this 8-hour certification course you will master the following:

◦ What are the basic principles of the Lebert Equalizer and what makes it so special

◦ How to design the LeBoot warmup obstacle course using the Lebert Equalizer

◦ Design your LeBoot class using the Lebert Equalizer and the Buddy System

◦ More than 100 different exercises - regression and progression on each exercise

◦ What's so special about the Buddy System and why it's a favorite for so many personal trainers

◦ Ending the class - cool down and stretching using the Lebert Equalizer

◦ Lebert Fitness Marketing tips that will make your LeBoot class ROCK


This is the official LEBERT EQUALIZER certification course. 

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