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K-Well Squat Rack

K-Well Squat Rack

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K-Well Squat Rack is the ideal gym rack for barbell training and to combine the need of a versatile tool, not so bulky but still steady, and perfectly adjustable to any needs!

Fully adjustable height according to the user and exercise. It is possible to regulate the height of the support from 100 to 150 cm, and the base width from 47 to 104 cm. Both regulation have 8 possible numbered positions.

K-Well Squat Rack is equipped with practical bar supports that allow to practice different bar training exercises, both in load or download phase. The adjustable safety bars are designed to guarantee a totally safe training by helping in the release-phase after training. The K-Well Squat Rack is also equipped with 2 plate storage bars compatible with 50mm Olympic plates or bumper plates.


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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Width (cm): 120

Height (cm): 125

Adjustable height of barbell support (cm): 120 to 150

External center to center distance (cm): 73 to 120

Internal center to center distance (cm): 47 to 104

8 stations numbered in height and width

Tubulars (cm): 7 x 5

Depth (cm): 95

Weight (kg): 32

Safety Bar length (cm): 50

Handle diameter (cm): 28

Product information

  • Solid professional barbell support
  • Can be used with flat bench or adjustable bench for performing countless exercises for strength and muscle power training

What is included

Package includes:

2 x Fixed supports (pair) with rubberized interior for the barbell

2 x Safety Bars (pair), supports with rubberized interior for the barbell, an excellent safety tool to assist the user during the exercises with the barbell outside the Rig and during the unloading phase.

1 x Rack + 2 x integrated disc holders, compatible with both 50 mm bumpers and plates

2 x Handles for pull up (pair), lifting and dips exercises, placed at the back of the rack


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