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K-Well Speed Runner Pro

K-Well Speed Runner Pro

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Designed to satisfy the most demanding athletes, Speed Runner Pro is a reliable and safe for users. A banana-shaped treadmill with resistance adjustment that allows to train power, speed, resistance and agility with one tool. It features ergonomic grab bars, wide exercise space and a unique brake systems which allows speed regulation (4 brake levels). It effectively allows you to perform all kind of running and pushing/ pulling training. In addition to that, it includes an intuitive and simple display, designed to be simple and easy to use, with pre-set training programs - interval/HIIT or Target programs (time, distance, calories or HR). Max. user weight 160 kg.

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Product information

  • 3 High Intensity programmes
  • 8 Interval Training programmes
  • 4 Target programmes (TIME - DISTANCE - CALORIES - HR)
  • 4 Workout programmes
  • Max. User weight: 160kg

What is included

1x Runner


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