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Dado Box

Dado Box

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The Dado Box is the ideal tool to develop power, explosiveness, strength, coordination and agility. The different heights of the four Plyo Boxes give the ability to perform variable exercises (jumps and leaps) in a progressive manner. Users can create the most useful combination for their plyometric training and maintain an excellent level of safety, up to a height of 125 cm which is obtained by stacking each Dado Box on the top of another.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Dado Box Smart 15 (cm): 90 x 70 x 15, weight (kg): 9

Dado Box Smart 30 (cm): 90 x 70 x 30, weight (kg): 12.40

Dado Box Smart 45 (cm): 90 x 70 x 40, weight (kg): 15.25

Dado Box Smart 60 (cm): 90 x 70 x 60, weight (kg): 17.20

Kit Dado Box Smart (cm): 90 x 70 x 150, weight (kg): 53.80

Product information

• Versatility: Adjustable in 7 different heights
• Safety: 4 anchor points, anti-slippery base and top, shockproof case
• Design: Bright colors and cutting edge design to fit everywhere

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