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Invincbl Performance Squat Rack

Invincbl Performance Squat Rack

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Invincbl Performance Squat Rack is a solid and extremely versatile, heavy duty squat rack, with a fully adjustable height which makes it ideal for both squats and bench presses. It features a Pull Up bar on the top and Dip Stations on both sides (on arm rests). It also includes weight plates stack/storage option. Invincbl Performance Squat Rack is considered to be our ideal all-around rack, great for Performance Centers, Crossfit, Gyms and Functional Training Studios. 

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 1.84 x 1.20 x 2.38m

Product information

  • Plates storage possibility
  • Black matte powder coating finish

What is included

Package includes

2 x J-Hooks

2 x Arm Rests

2 x Dip Positions

1 x Pull Up Position


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