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Invincbl Multi-Rack

Invincbl Multi-Rack

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Introducing Invincbl Multi-Rack, your all-in-one fitness solution! This versatile training device seamlessly combines a squat rack, a cable machine with pin selector, and a smith machine. With built-in features like plate storage, JCups, spotter arms, and a dedicated Smith machine area, Invincbl Multi-Rack is a game-changer. Perform a wide range of exercises, from squats and bench presses to cable crossovers, lat pulldowns, and more.
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Dimensions / Weight

80kg weight stack on each side (160kg total load)

Product information

Versatile All-in-One Solution: Combines squat rack, cable machine, and Smith machine, saving space and offering diverse workout options.

Built-In Safety Features: Includes spotter arms and dedicated Smith machine area for secure, injury-free workouts.

Efficiency and Time Savings: Minimizes transition time between exercises, maximizing workout efficiency.

Space-Saving Design: Eliminates the need for multiple gym machines, saving space in your home gym.

Cost-Effective: An investment in a single, multi-functional device saves money compared to buying separate workout equipment.

What is included

Package includes:

1 x Invincbl Multi-Rack


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