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Invincbl Hybrid Adjustable Bench

Invincbl Hybrid Adjustable Bench

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Invincbl Hybrid Adjustable Bench is our most versatile bench, super-solid, heavy duty and completely adjustable, allowing incline, flat, decline, upright and diagonal positions - with the support of feet anchor pads (can also be removed). It also has extra thick cushioning for comfort and transport wheels on the back for easy transportation.

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Dimensions / Weight

Dimensions: 150cm x 70cm

Weight: 38kg

Product information

  • Heavy duty
  • Completely adjustable- incline, flat, decline, upright and diagonal positions
  • Support of feet anchor pads (can be removed)
  • Extra thick cushioning
  • Wheels on the back to transfer

What is included

Package includes:

1 x Hybrid Adjustable Bench


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