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HedgeHock is the wooden stool that conforms to your natural sitting position. Made of solid wood, with 49 solid wood blocks, cushioned by springs, making it an ergonomic, unique sitting experience. With its eye-catching design it is the highlight of any waiting room or sitting area.


HedgeHock: Wooden Stool

With 49 Comfortable Blocks

A structured, clear and geometrical exterior counterbalances a flexible, moveable interior: the HedgeHock creates a harmony of dynamic and static equilibrium.

Your body will shape its own mold in the wooden block surface, enabling a true ergonomic sitting position. It defies logic to think that natural wood can be comfortable- the HedgeHock is, however, a unique sitting experience! The 49 solid wood blocks are individually spring suspended within the outer wood cube.


NOHrD HedgeHock

A true interior design highlight

The HedgeHock is a true interior design highlight, sure to attract attention in the home, office, hotel, waiting room or any other sitting area.

  • - Unique sitting experience with a distinctive design
  • - Available in various kinds of wood - individual seat blocks are made of solid wood
  • - 49 individually spring suspended seat blocks move and conform to any user
  • - Suitable for all sitting and waiting areas – a true eye-catcher
  • - With bottom wheels for easy manoevering


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Dimensions / Weight

  • Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • User Weight: 200 kg

Product information

  • Ideal in the office, hotel, clinic, or home.
  • Wheels at the bottom for easy manoeuvring.

What is included

1x HedgeHock


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