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Gymleco Four Station Multi Gym

Gymleco Four Station Multi Gym

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Introducing Gymleco's innovative Four Station Multi Gym – the intelligent solution for maximizing your gym's workout potential. This compact and practical exercise station occupies minimal space on your gym floor while offering comprehensive full-body training for members. With a configuration that includes a lat pulldown, seated row, and two pulleys, gym-goers can engage in popular exercises simultaneously. Crafted with Gymleco's commitment to quality, this machine ensures durability for years of rigorous training. Featuring patented PowerBand™ technology, workouts are smooth and efficient, enhancing member satisfaction. Plus, Gymleco's sleek Swedish design elevates the aesthetics of your gym, making it a standout feature in any fitness facility. Experience the excellence of Gymleco's Four Station Multi Gym today.
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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

  • Dimensions: 323cm x 53cm x 236cm
  • Weight: 545 kg
  • Weight stack pulleys: 60 kg
  • Weight stack row: 100 kg
  • Weight stack lats: 100 kg

Product information

  • Combines four essential gym exercises into one compact station
  • Designed with quality, passion, and expertise
  • Offers a variety of exercises in a single space-saving unit
  • Traditional exercise station with Gymleco's compact design for maximizing gym space
  • Includes lat pulldown, row, triceps/biceps pulley, and height-adjustable crossover
  • Organized look for the gym
  • Space-saving design allows for more equipment in the gym
  • Enables multiple users to train simultaneously

What is included

1x Gymleco Four Station Multi Gym


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