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Gymleco Lateral Pulldown/Seated Row

Gymleco Lateral Pulldown/Seated Row

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The Lateral Pulldown/Seated Row machine by Gymleco is the ultimate solution for targeting your back muscles at the gym. With this versatile equipment, you can seamlessly transition between lat pulldown and seated row exercises, maximizing functionality without compromising quality. It's a savvy investment for any gym, as it combines two effective back workouts into one space-saving machine.

Adjustable seating allows users to customize their workout experience, whether focusing on lats or seated rows. The weight stack, conveniently positioned on the side of the machine, ensures easy access for adjusting resistance levels. Built with durability in mind, Gymleco machines are designed to withstand heavy use in commercial settings, maintaining their timeless appeal as a sleek addition to any gym floor.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

  • Dimensions: 223cm x 141-212cm x 112cm
  • Weight: 169 kg
  • Weight stack: 100 kg

Product information

  • Allows users to perform both lat pulldown and seated row exercises
  • Adjustable seat for different exercise positions
  • Angled weight stack positioned at the side for easy access
  • Commercial-grade durability for heavy strength training
  • Classic design for timeless aesthetic appeal
  • Space Efficiency: Saves space in the gym by combining two essential back exercises into one machine
  • Durability: Designed to endure heavy use year after year in commercial gym environments

What is included

1x Gymleco Lateral Pulldown/Seated Row


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