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Double Gun

Double Gun

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Gain more power, explosiveness and control over your upper and lower body movements! Ideally used by fighters for grappling, punching and foot positioning, the Double Gun gained attention in other sports as well. Simply attach the Slastix® to the foot and arm straps and then to an anchored object or training partner behind you and perform a variety of exercises like throwing and catching medicine balls, to sprinting and jumping.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

  • Length of the Slastix® rope: 121 cm

Product information

  • Resistance to both upper- and lower-body.
  • Provides resistance to every movement.

What is included

Package includes:

4 x 1.2-meter Slastix

2 x biceps straps

2 x foot cuffs

1 x anchor



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