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Core Trainer

Core Trainer

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The core trainer is a multi-directional swivel for the Olympic weight set or the Pump Set which allows you to perform a multitude of exercises. The set is made up of a triangular shaped base, where 50 mm plates can be placed for further load and stability. It is provided with an insert to fit the barbell and an optional handle to be fixed at the opposite end of the bar, in order to increase the range of possible exercises. Due to the swivel you can have a full body workout at one station; lunges, squats, rows, overhead press, single leg deadlifts, the sky is the limit.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

• Dimensions (cm): 71 x 65 x 24.

Product information

  • Ideal for full body workouts
  • Can perform a variety of exercises

What is included

1x Core trainer (Plates and barbells are not included)


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