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Concept2 Skierg

Concept2 Skierg

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The Concept2 SkiERG gives you the ability to simulate Nordic skiing at home or in the gym. No matter the technique you use, double pole or alternating arm, it gives you a full body workout, developing strength and endurance. With a flywheel as resistance, it is a true functional training tool with durability to withstand intense training. The SkiERG comes with the PM5 Performance Monitor, which provides accurate and real-time performance data, allowing the user to track progress and assess training parameters. As a standard, the SkiERG is mounted on the wall, but there is an optional floor stand which allows you to move it in your gym or home.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

  • Wall mounted Dimensions: 216(H) x 52(W) x 40.6(D) cm.
  • Dimensions with floor stand: 216(H) x 60(W) x 127(D) cm.

Product information

  • Floor stand is suitable for use with most wheelchairs.
  • The PM5 monitor is powered by batteries and the flywheel.

What is included

1x Skierg


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