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With the BLACKROLL TRIGGER SET you can tackle pain points on many parts of the body yourself. Use the two attachments on the wall or floor to work on areas of the body that are difficult to reach. For example: back, calves and buttocks. If you combine the attachments with the handle, called HANDHELD, you can reach all parts of the body. The handle fits well in the hand and relieves the thumb and fingers during the trigger application. 

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

  • BLACKROLL® TRIGGER: H 6cm, 12g 
  • BLACKROLL® TRIGGER S: H 7cm, 12g 
  • BLACKROLL® HANDHELD: H 4.9cm, 8g 

Product information

  • Treat pain points effectively and sustainably
  • Set of Trigger Tools incl. handle for easy handling
  • Universally applicable
  • Compact & handy
  • High product quality
  • Made in Germany

What is included

1x Trigger set


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