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BLACKROLL Recovery Balm

BLACKROLL Recovery Balm

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The purpose of Recovery Lotion is to assist in relieving tight and sore muscles and enhance recovery following workout sessions. The lotion comprises five essential oils that are renowned for their ability to enhance circulation and aid in the prevention of sore muscles. However, this sports balm not only aids in muscle recovery after exercising but also benefits your muscles in other ways, such as after prolonged sitting at a desk or repetitive one-sided movements in your everyday life. The effects of the Recovery Balm are immediate and noticeable, producing a pleasurable, cold-hot tingling sensation on your skin.

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  • Supports regeneration after training
  • Promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles
  • With 5 pure essential oils
  • Alternating cooling & warming effect
  • Absorbs quickly, non-greasy
  • Vegan & animal-free

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1x Recovery Balm


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