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BLACKROLL Deep Releazer

BLACKROLL Deep Releazer

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BLACKROLL® DEEP RELEAZER is the intelligent extension of an already successful tool – the BLACKROLL® RELEAZER. The rubberized bumps of the BLACKROLL® DEEP RELEAZERS permit the deep-acting treatment of hardened or tense areas with pin-point accuracy. The BLACKROLL® DEEP RELEAZER, with its three different density levels, is ideal for use in the area of the lower back, hips, thighs, and particularly the neck.

  • Attachment for the BLACKROLL® RELEAZER for use in therapy and sports.
  • Increases mobility and recovery time.


The soft attachment is used as a starter attachment on first use or for mild muscle pain. After a few uses, the medium attachment can be used. Finally, for even more intensive use, the hard attachment can be used.

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