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BLACKROLL Compression Boots

BLACKROLL Compression Boots

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Introducing BLACKROLL Compression Boots for versatile recovery at home or on the go. These portable boots relieve soreness, relax muscles, reduce swelling, and stimulate blood circulation with a soothing 360° compression massage. Efficiently flushing out metabolic waste, promoting blood flow, and enhancing mobility, they accelerate recovery. Compact and travel-friendly, these boots ensure hassle-free transportation and offer a cutting-edge solution for tired legs, providing blissful relaxation wherever you are.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Size S: 840 x 330 x 120mm (1 boot incl. battery: 1160g)  

Size M: 940 x 380 x 140mm (1 boot incl battery: 1370g)  

Size L: 1020 x 380 x 150mm (1 boot incl battery: 1370g) 

Product information

  • Do not use water to clean the device, just use a damp cloth. Do not use corrosive detergents or solvents. Textile parts are not suitable for cleaning in the washing machine. 
  • Battery: Rechargeable and removable 1,000mAh lithium ion battery
  •  Charging: USB-C charging port  
  •  Battery charging time: 1.5 hours
  •  Rated voltage: DC7.4V  
  •  Rated power: 25W  
  •  Pressure: 20-120 mmHg  
  •  Standby: 60min (at medium pressure level).  
  •  Noise level: ≤ 55dB  

What is included

Package Includes:


1x storage bag made of recycled PET  

2x batteries in a battery storage bag  

1x USB-C double connector charging cable  

1x manual 


Please refer to warranty section at the bottom of this page