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Aerobis Weight Vest

Aerobis Weight Vest

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Aerobis Weight Vest is the ultimate weight vest! Looking for new challenges in your bodyweight training? If your own weight isn’t enough anymore, then it’s time to create new impulses! Use it during any workout, its clips make it fast to put on and take off, the padding makes it comfortable and the 6 bags and pockets make it easy to adjust weight between sets or exercises. The Blackpack weight vest can be loaded with sand or steel pellets.

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Available Weights:

10kg (Sand) or 25kg (Steel Shots)

Product information

  • Available in 3 variations: empty, filled with 10kg sand or 25kg Steel shots
  • High wear comfort with built-in shoulder padding
  • Easy to keep clean through inner PVC-liner
  • Open sides ensure perfect ventilation
  • One size
  • Hygienic: inner material is especially easy to clean and sweat-repellent
  • Quick and easy weight management thanks to six pockets with velcro cover

What is included

Package includes:

3 x loading-bags: in the front

3 x loading-bags: on the back


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