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All Legs Speed Builder

All Legs Speed Builder

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The All Legs Speed Builder is the ultimate tool for athletes of every ability, it adds versatility, portability, and resistance to any lower-body strength exercise. For years, world-class athletes have used this Stroops original, to maximize the development of hamstring, quadriceps, abductor, adductor, and abdominal muscles. The All Legs Speed Builder is comprised of two 1.2-meter Slastix, which attach to the ankle straps (with three rings that allow different attachment points) and then to a fixed anchor. Optimize your explosiveness for your favorite sport!

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

Length: 1.2meter Slastix

Product information

  • Features ankle straps with three rings for adjustable attachment points, offering flexibility in exercise variation and targeting specific muscle groups.
  • Comprised of two 1.2-meter Slastix, this Stroops original offers portability and convenience, making it suitable for athletes of all levels to optimize explosiveness for their chosen sport.

What is included

2 x foot cuffs with 3 rings

2 x 1.2-meters Slastix

1 x anchor


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