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Align-Pilates Wall Cadillac & Spring Ladder

Align-Pilates Wall Cadillac & Spring Ladder

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Wall Cadillac

The new and improved Align-Pilates Half Cadillac with Wall Bracket allows the Half Cadillac to be attached to a wall and used without a reformer as a standalone unit. The new bracket is designed to only attach to the wall instead of the floor as well with the top and bottom bracket arms. Please note: Limited assembly required. Fixings to attach the unit to the wall are not included as these are wall dependent.

Warning: This unit is only suitable for attachment to solid walls and cannot be used on stud walls. We recommend engaging a professional to attach to the wall for best results. We are not able to install this for you. Safety Warning: The supplied safety strap with this unit is solely designed to prevent the swing through bar from swinging down dangerously under tension and hitting the user, mainly when it is sprung from underneath the bar and the user is lying underneath it. The safety strap is not designed to turn the swing through bar into a rigid bar, such that it can then be sat on, knelt on, stood on, hung on, swung on, or climbed on with full or partial body weight. The swing through bar is designed for push/swing through exercises, either un-sprung or with the springs supplied. It is not designed to withstand resistances from any source other than the springs provided nor is it designed for isometric or bodyweight exercises applied from any angle. Exercises involving standing, kneeling or sitting on the bar or support arms, swinging on the bar or support arms, hanging on the bar or support arms, or laterally pulling or pushing on the bar or side arms fall outside the design specifications of this equipment and risk serious injury to the user and potential costly negligence liability claims against the instructor.


  • Wall Unit Adapter Bracket
  • 1 pair of Foot Straps
  • 1 pair of Hand Handles
  • 2 pairs of rapid adjust double eyelet spring holders
  • 8 Aluminium Carabineer
  • 8 Double Snaps

Includes 8 quality nickel plated music wire springs:

  • 2x Standard (47cm) Very Light
  • 2x Standard (47cm) Light
  • 2x Long (64cm) Light
  • 2x Long (64cm) Strong


Spring Ladder

Meet the Fuse Ladder, a dynamic new piece of apparatus designed by Fuse Pilates, Washington, D.C.’s most popular Pilates studio. After extensive development in their studio, Fuse Pilates worked with Align-Pilates to create the latest version – complete with quick adjust springs, a padded backboard, moveable eyelets, and infinite exercise possibilities! The Fuse Ladder appeals to students and teachers who want a resistance or bodyweight training, functional fitness workout that is tough, unique, and ever-changing. The Fuse Ladder is inexpensive compared to reformers and/or weight machines and takes up much less space. Furthermore, the same space that hosts Ladder classes can be used for mat-based classes, doubling your studio’s offering. The Fuse Ladder is a powerhouse of a workout with major curb appeal (everyone from barre aficionados to HIIT instructors are swooning over this tough workout). Plus, it is unbelievably fun, capturing moves you have not done since you were a kid on the playground.

With a focus on standing work (and climbing and hanging), it is the perfect antidote to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live. The Fuse Ladder offers a fun and challenging workout combining spring resistance exercises, like a Half Pilates Cadillac but with climbing, hanging, agility, and balancing challenges to take you to a new level. Standing exercises include squat variations, lunges, and balance challenges, both using the springs and using just the ladder or backboard. Floor work incorporates springs and the ladder rungs for even more challenge. Two high bars offer possibilities for hanging exercises, pull-ups and additional upper body strengthening, and lengthening of the spine. The upper eyelets can also be used in conjunction with Suspension Trainers.


  • 1x Roll Down Bar
  • 1x Padded Back Board which hooks onto the ladder
  • 3x Fixed Eyelets
  • 1x pair of Hand/Foot Straps with double D-Rings & metal clips
  • 1x pair of Handles
  • 2 pairs of Sliding Spring Eyelets

Includes 6 quality nickel plated music wire springs:

  • 2 x Standard (47cm) Extra Light Springs
  • 2 x Long (64cm) Light Springs
  • 2 x Long (64cm) Extra Light Springs
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