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Align-Pilates Reformer Accessories & Add-Ons

Align-Pilates Reformer Accessories & Add-Ons

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Reformer Jump Boards

The Align-Pilates Jump Board provides you with a firm and stable platform for plyometric exercises and is one of the most popular accessories for the Pilates reformer. Perfect to add dynamic movements to your Pilates repertoire for a great cardio workout! Built with steel frame with top quality EVA padding for long lasting memory and excellent shock absorption, covered with abrasion resistant vinyl. All Jump Board can be added later without requiring modification.


Reformer Mattress Converter

Extend your reformer with the addition of the mattress converter, which must be used in conjunction with the Platform Extender available here, to convert your reformer into a completely flatbed. The fully flatbed can be used in conjunction with the Half Cadillac to add additional repertoire, or as a matwork area. By adding this extra option to your reformer, it allows you to conveniently change the purpose of use of your reformer for your clients. Increase the versatility of your Pilates studio space with our mattress converters!


Reformer Platform Extender

Want to add variety to your reformer workout? Extend your Align-Pilates Reformer with the addition of a platform extender for an extra bit of padding for the feet when performing standing or kneeling exercises. The platform extender can also be used in conjunction with the mattress converter to convert your reformer into a complete flatbed. The fully flatbed can be used in conjunction with the Half Cadillac to add additional repertoire, or as a matwork area.


Reformer Planking Handles

Planking Handles are a great addition to any A, C, H & F series Align-Pilates reformer, or Combo Pilates Chair. The planking handles are rotatable so they can face in 4 different directions and they can lock at 4 different heights in each of the directions, offering a total of 16 different positions. Planking handles can be used by everyone, from your rehab clients to athletes. Great for plank-based exercises, the handles also offer much more; by turning the handles at right angles to the footbar it creates an ideal position for when you are working with clients suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, arthritis, or difficulty being able to weight bear for any length of the time on the footbar. This alternative position can reduce the pressure through the wrists reducing discomfort and pain. When rotated externally, the handle acts like an extended footbar. This allows better postural alignment in exercises which are off set to the reformer such as the scooter exercise.


Reformer Neck Pillow

The Align-Pilates Neck Pillow supports the natural curve of your neck while you perform Pilates reformer exercises. Made from vinyl covered EVA foam, the Neck Pillow is a super comfortable alternative to raising your reformer’s head pad. Please note that the Neck Pillow should not be used with all exercises; 1) Do not use the Neck Support Pillow for exercises that require you to lift your hips higher than your head. 2) Do use the Neck Support Pillow to provide comfort, support, and postural alignment for reformer exercises that are performed while lying on your back.


Gondola Maple Pole 60

Align-Pilates Maple Roll Up Pole is suitable for aiding alignment, arm work, and increasing the focus on scapular stabilisation during Pilates exercises performed on the reformer, ladder barrel, or during Pilates matwork. It also aids balance when performing standing exercises on the Pilates reformer.

Reformer Legs

By being able to accept different leg heights (low, standard or rehab height), the Align-Pilates reformers are a future proof investment. Raise or Lower your reformers with a set of four standard legs. If you are unsure what leg height you would like for your reformer, the standard set of legs are the middle ground between low and rehab legs and are the standard height for most reformers. All legs comes with a set of wheels to make it easier to move your Pilates reformer around.


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