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Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel

Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel

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The new Ladder Barrel is designed to offer fast adjustment of the barrel to make it quicker and easier to set the barrel up correctly for different sized users or exercises. To adjust the barrel simply open the two quick release cam levers, slide the barrel in or out and close the levers. Like its predecessor, the Ladder Barrel RC offers industry leading levels of adjustment with 31cm of adjustability. In addition, the apparatus comes complete with two padded standing boards (often sold separately for around £100), which makes it easy to get the perfect set up for all heights. The Ladder Barrel RC arc and dimensions have been revised and now closely match classical proportions. The RC barrel has a smaller diameter barrel than its predecessor and is now of classical proportion. It also features an extra 5mm of EVA padding to make the barrel more comfortable in use. There is also now a padded rung wrap included, which can be zipped on to any bar to provide more comfort, particularly to the tops of one’s feet.

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Dimensions / Weight

  • Dimensions:  125cm (L) x 90cm (W) x 105m (H)
  • Weight:  50kg

Product information

Material:  Solid North American Maple ladder rungs

What is included

1x Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel


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